The Handsworth Music program was one of the top six high school jazz programs in all of Canada due to the dedication, talent and commitment of its music director Bob Rebagliati (1976 – 2004). Bob assembled a group of equally talented music educators who worked along side of him and who have carried his legacy on to the present day. The Handsworth music program is a fine example of what can be achieved by our youth through music.

Besides the many attributes that Bob brought to Handsworth he early on realized the importance of keeping a record of his and his students achievements. If it had not been for this important attribute we would not be able to bring you this special book called the Handsworth Music Dynasty today. Bob had the wisdom to have his parent’s association keep and maintain detailed scrapbooks over the year, twelve in all. It is these scrapbooks which form the basis for this book.

This website is not an online version of the book. But it will give the reader an overview of the intensity and involvement which each student in the program invested. It was a serious music program which performed at a GOLD level standard for over twenty years. Whether the students in the program went on to a career in music, which many did, it gave every student a feeling of success at an early age and the feeling that they had been a part of something special. Whatever discipline they pursue in later life they will always want to emulate that same feeling of being a winner!

I call the program a dynasty because it was. The house that Bob built through his dedication and commitment to his students from 7am to often 10pm not including trips to festivals during festival season and trips to far away places. Many students of course did go on to a career in music. Bob just emailed me to tell em three of Handsworth’s music alumni have just been nominated for this years Juno awards (2017) Renee Rosnes, Brandi Disterheft and Darcy Argue.  The legacy continues.