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David Malecot

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Resides in New York City

GRAD – 1979



A variety of Music productions – original scoring to film / video – Teaching, etc.

GRAD – 1988




(604) 987-2665


Capilano College Music Program

Studied composition under Mike Reveley (1989-90)

Studied commercial piano under Al Wold (1989-90)

UBC Music Program

Studied composition under Steven Chatman (1988-89)

Studied clarinet (performance level) under Gene Ramsbottom (1986-89)

Royal Conservatory of Music (completed 1988)

Piano (performance level), theory, and history

Studied under Patricia Nicholson (1976-85), James Anagnoson (1986), Lucille Little (1986-88)


“Logistic Solutions – Loomis Courier”

(Promotional Video) Target Canada Productions (July 1995)

(Original Music Score)

“BC Wine Cellar” (TV Series Promotional Video)

Produced by Jeff Barringer (May 1995)

(Original Music Score)

“The Whistler Spirit” (Educational / Promotional Video)

Produced by AM Productions Inc. (October 1994)

(Original Music Score)

“Galley Chefs” (13-Part TV Series)

Produced by Jeff Barringer (January – August 1994)

(Original Music Score)

Continuous play on Knowledge Network and Life Channel

“604-212” (Funk / Rap Album) Artist: Adam H.

Lable: Hektoen Music Corp. (div. of Warner Brothers, NY)

Produced by Stevie Washington (Summer 1994)

(Co-wrote 5 songs / produced scratch tracks)

“Children’s Miracle Network Telethon 1993, 1994, 1995”

Produced by Susan Long / Linda Tremblay with BC’s Children’s Hospital Foundation (April 1993-1995)

(Original Music Scores and TV Cues)

Played from UTV (Vancouver) and Disneyland (California)

Numerous scoring projects with UBC Biomedical Communications including:

“Back to Your Future” (Anne Janeda – June 1995)

“Living with MS” (Anne Janeda – December 1994)

“Graham Wafer and the Case of the Missing Fibre” (Tom Scott – August 1994)

Numerous scoring projects with Capilano College Media Resources including:

“The Revolving Door Series” – Part 1, 2 and 3 (1992-1995)

“The Raging Grannies” (March 1994)

“This is My Job” (March 1993)

“Capilano College Business Management Program” (March 1993)

“CADE Conference 1994” (March 1992)

3-Part Documentary Series: “My World Calcutta”, “Rim Nam, Rim Khlong”, “Letter from Jampaling” (Documentaries)

Produced by Window Seat Films (January 1994)

(Original Music Score)

Golden Sheaf Nominator – Yorkton (Letter from Jampaling)

“The Hanging Baskets of Victoria” (Educational Video)

Produced by Jeff Barringer (October 1993)

(Original Music Score)

“C.A.R.E.S. – Villa D’este” (Multimedia Promotional Pack)

Produced by Multimedia Development Centre Ltd. (September 1993)

(Original Music Score)

“Developer / Architect Demo Video” (Promotional Video)

Produced by Animedia Vision Inc. (July 1993)

(Original Music Score and Voice-Over Production)

“Geomatics: Solutions for Our Modern World” (Promotional Video)

Produced by AM Productions Inc. (July 1993)

(Original Music Score)

“Viva Video Brochure” (Promotional Video)

Produced by Malcolm Warwick with Animedia Vision Inc. (July 1992)

(Original Music Score)

5 Short Videos for the Canada Pavilion at Expo 1992 in Spain – Force Four Productions Ltd. (December 1991)

(Original Music Scores)

“Guatemala Journal” (Documentary)

Produced by Beverley Reid with Force Four Productions Ltd. (August 1991)

(Original Music Score)

Played on YTV (first window)

“The Street Where Prescilla Lives” (Documentary)

Produced by Beverley Reid with Window Seat Films (April 1991)

(Original Music Score)

Golden Sheaf Nomination / Golden Apple Award

“Malecot Symphony No.1” (Orchestral Piece)

Performed by the Handsworth Orchestra (1985)

(Original Symphonic Work – scored for full orchestra)


Daniel James 3 Song Demo – incl. “Change is on the Wind”, “Never be Lonely” and “You’re Never Coming Back” – Written by Daniel James (March – October 1995)

(3 Song Production Package)

Jesse MacLeod 3 Song Demo – incl. “In More Ways Than One”, “Special Kind of Hell” and “Time Washed In” – Written by Jesse MacLeod (January – October 1995)

(3 Song Production Package)

The Lord Jim 3 Song Demo – incl. “Sylvia”, “My Downtown Girl” and “In The Rain” – Written by Todd Sonne (May – November 1994)

(3 Song Production Package)

“BC Apple” (Radio Jingle)

Written by Patricia Merlo (Octo 1994)

(Jingle Production)

“Dance It Up” (European Single)

Written by Michael Crawford (September 1994)

Lable: Big Biscuit Records (Vancouver, BC)

(Pop Song Production)

“Whistler / Blackcomb Ski Lottery” (Radio Jingle)

Written by Doris Wilson with Plum Promotions Inc. (December 1992)

(Jingle Production)

Continuous Radio play on MOUNTAIN FM

“Canadian Tire – Air Care” (Radio Jingle)

Written by Doris Wilson with Plum Promotions Inc. (September 1992)

(Jingle Production)

Continuous Radio play on 97 KISS FM

“Wyvern” (Feature Film) Written by Fredrik Thorsen

Film Producer: A.R.T. Trading Inc. (August 1992)

(Music Development and Research)


Ken Smith (songwriter)                             The Manhattans (vocal group)

Von Winmill (artist)                                     (Lable: Hektoen Music Corp.)

Rossetti Song (composer)                         Wendy Truong (songwriter)

Tiffany Hambrook (singer)                        Matt Sansom (artist)

Patricia Merlo (songwriter)                      Grant Vandyke (songwriter)

Susan Chase (singer)                                 Shaun McKay (songwriter)

Michelle Carlistle (songwriter)                 Leia Schatz (artist)

Chloe White (singer)


Founder and Co-Publisher of the “Session Musicians Directory of BC” in support of live studio recording (1993 and 1994)

Special Guest Artist at the Canada Music Week Recital – Performance of Original Piano Compositions

Sponsored by the N.S.R.M.T.A. (November 1992)

Chosen to be interviewed in the film: “Star Grads of Capilano College” (April 1992)

Chosen to lecture at Capilano College (Media Resources) on: “The Marketing and Promotion of a Freelance Film Composer” (February 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995)

Golden Sheaf Nomination for Best Children’s Film: (Yorkton Film and Video Festival)

“The Street Where Prescilla Lives” (1991)

“Letter from Jampaling” (1994)

(musical scores – honourable mention)

UBC Entrance Scholarship (1998)

General Motors Scholarship at Music Fest Canada (1988)

(Top graduating woodwind in the country)

Principal Clarinet in the Pacific Basin Honour Band (1987)

(International – held in Hawaii)

Silver Medal – Royal Conservatory of Music: Top Grade 9 Pianist in BC (1986)

A supportive collection of top performance awards from 1982-1989



GRAD – 1978

The Leader      January 29 – February 4, 1993

McLachlan a hit in the harbor

By Nancy Moote

The Pender Harbour Community Hall was rocking with oinks, squeals and cries of “soo-ee” last Friday night as Vancouver folk singer and guitarist John McLachlan started up the country classic, “The Auctioneer”. The song came near the end of the show, and the frenzy of pig sounds that greeted McLachlan’s fast paced patter was the sign of a happy crowd who’d spent half the night laughing.

McLachlan, backed by his long time bass player Rob Marr and sizzling fiddler and kazoo player Tom Neville, played mostly original songs with a strong west coast flavor. Name a BC industry, and McLachlan’s written a song about it: loggers, miners, fishermen, and the first captain of the Hornby Island ferry all have their say.

One ballad lauds the unsung heros working the worst job in the sawmill, humping lumber at the bottom of the long green chain. In another, McLachlan laments the dwindling salmon runs: “There’ll be no more fishing when the fish are all gone, when will we learn that this can’t carry on …”

McLachlan’s easy humor works its way into even his sadder songs and makes his between-song monologues a delight. And when McLachlan really lets go his songs are downright hilarious.

In one he paints a devastating picture of tourists on the ferry, chomping cigars, screaming at their wives, and forgetting where their cars are parked. And in what was perhaps the highlight of the show, he explored the subtle relationship between photography and sex: “So I pulled out my Nikon F and placed it in her hand, she said that’s quite a camera you’ve got at your command …”

McLachlan also draws on the rich fund of BC history, such as the fire that burned down Vancouver when burning slash swept out of control. It’s story telling in the tradition of Stan Rogers and Gordon Lightfoot, both strong influences for McLachlan.

McLachlan says he enjoys playing small towns, and the feeling is evidently mutual. The audience numbered more than 100, although the show was McLachlan’s second invitation from the Pender Harbour Music Society within six months.

Many kids were in attendance, benefiting from the music society’s free admission for children, and they thronged McLachlan for autographs during the intermission.

It’s a great idea to let parents take a night out without breaking the bank.

Since 1985 John McLachlan has been bringing his inimitable style of folk music to audiences across Canada and abroad. From intimate folk clubs in Calgary and Ottawa to sold out concerts in Vancouver; from communities in his home province of British Columbia to Bogota, Colombia, this inspiring performer has never failed to delight.

With four recorded albums to his credit, countless radio, festival and concert appearances John has established himself as a formidable talent. Singing and playing acoustic guitar and harmonica, he has received consistently good reviews for his performances which are always fluid, fast paced and highly entertaining.

Original songs form the core of John McLachlan’s performances. He sings about people and places; past and present. With a down-to-earth presentation his musical stories strike common threads with his audience. Through his captivating songs, good humour and consummate professionalism, the listener is whisked away in a spell to other places and other times.

“McLachlan took centre stage and showed us why he has built a loyal following – He has a strong and versatile repertoire which includes both contemporary and traditional pieces.”

The Vancouver Sun


GRAD 1988

French Horn Musician – Presently a member of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Previously played for the:

Hong Kong Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Hartford Symphony, New World Symphony & Principal Horn, Royal Winnipeg Ballet Orchestra Tour & various Chamber Music Ensembles


Address:                   510-1333 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2C1, Canada

Telephone/Fax:       (604) 602-0515


Section Horn / Utility, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra                                                            1995

Second Horn / Utility (Principal), Hong Kong Philharmonic                                                 1994-95

Substitute, New York Philharmonic                                                                                            1994

Assistant Principal / Utility Horn, Hartford Symphony                                                          1993-94

Substitute, New World Symphony                                                                                         1993-94

Principal Horn, Royal Winnipeg Ballet Orchestra Tour                                                             1993


Member, Rimur Icelandic Chamber Ensemble                                                                          1995

Founding Member, Galatea Ensemble (conductorless chamber orchestra)                        1993-94

Bolasco Brass Quintet (Recipient, Juilliard Gluck Fellowship)                                              1989-94

Amphion Wind Quintet (Winners, Artist International Competition)                                        1993


Canada Council Arts Grant B Award                                                                                     1992-94

Juilliard, Rotary, British Columbia Cultural Fund & Vancouver                                            1989-94

Women’s Club Scholarships

Winner, Round Top Festival Concerto Competition, Texas                                                        1993

Jerusalem, Pacific & Round Top Music Festival Scholarships                                                    1993

Sarasota, Banff & Music Academy of the West Festival Scholarships                                       1992

Junior Arts and Letters Award from the Canadian Club of New York                                        1990

National Brass Winner, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Competition                          1989

Winner, Kiwanis & British Columbia Festival of the Arts Competitions                               1987-89

Aspen Music Festival & Summit Brass Seminar Scholarships                                                    1989

Winner, General Motors Canadian Band Festival Soloist Competition                                     1988


Master of Music Degree, The Juilliard School                                                                           1994

Bachelor of Music Degree, The Juilliard School                                                                        1992

University of British Columbia                                                                                              1988-89


Jerome Ashby – Associate Principal Horn, New York Philharmonic

Rainier DeIntinis – Former Third Horn, New York Philharmonic

John Cerminaro – Soloist

Erik Ralske – Third Horn, New York Philharmonic

Arthur David Krehbiel – Principal Horn, San Francisco Symphony

Froydis Ree Werkre – Soloist / Former Principal Horn, Oslo Symphony